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Logopond Showcase : “Love thee Logos”

My Gosh : “Amir Business Card”

Need a lawyer? : “Nur Akmal Aizat”

Customized Batik : “TGANU Boutique”

Loving Gold : “Wed Outing”

Gold : ”Rich and Famous Colour”

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai : ”Padi Field”

Red-Wedders : “Nicely dressed, Cutely posed”

Nicely Posed : “Wedders in the Evening”

Greed Dressed Wedders : “Prince Charming & Princess”

Wedding Spree : “Four Pairs.. Imagine it” *wink

Relaxing after a tiring day : “Suryati & Hideer”

Black & White : “Flower Vs Keris”

Get out!!! : “Let’s us Run”

The Cute Couple : “Suryati & Hideer”