Nikon : Amor Amor

Nikon D-40 is my Camera that was bought by my father, with the price tag of RM3,100 equipped with 18 – 55 mm and 70 – 300 mm lenses and from that moment havoc and simplicity of idea blossom from my head. With small experience that i have, I went out to go and shoot the show.

Here are the images of my Dull and amateur photography.

This photo took place at Youth Park, where I targeted the canopy tree to make a beautiful expression only two main colours. The Mr.Black and Mr.White

Showing off , the house lamp, with high camera shutter speed makes the bluish effect.

“Sotong Goreng Tepung” , Fried Flour Squid . Nyummy, that’s the perfect word.

So have you tried playing chess before? Go Penang youth park!

The greenery of green – green grass.

The Malaysian old style “Kicap Telur”. Usually served during breakfast, it is tasty to most Malaysian. British should try them.

By the end of this week, I hope that I will be able to complete the idea of me and brothers of promoting the Penang island through this webby Do get yourself a glimpse of it and hopefully you will love the webby.


FreeButYet said…
Hi Shamir,

I love the sotong and the telur. Love telur, yes. With kicap and pepper....yum...yummm.

How do you charge your work? I suppose, it depends on type of artwork that needs to be done? What is your rate like? U see, I used to do event management couple of years ago. I commissioned a lot of posters, banners, advertisements for magazines,invitation cards and all.

I have plans to venture into IT, ID,animation and all that is relevant with the intention to set up a one-stop centre of creative technology based company. I have gathered some friends who are very good in programming, networking, flash, auto cad and engineering but I haven't found a good art director. I am going to follow your progress and maybe one day when the time is right, we could sit down and talk to see how we could work together. I myself, is the worst person in all those. But I know what I want.

My email is

Lily.Lulu. said…
ur dad bought for u d40 ?? kewl babe !! jeles nih ....

why didn't u buy d200 je terus .. hik hik .. dah alang2 ur father yg bayar kan ?? :D

nice shots !! botol kicap u buat i teringat kat botol kicap umah arwah atuk dulu ... wuuu ~

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