Amir : Intensions

Amir Ashraf. Should I write anything about him? It wonders me. Amir, he is from Terrengganu, a state in Malaysia studying in the same field as me in Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. An interesting guy to look at (girls out the, you can take a glimpse). He is inspired by fashion and hip hop song, always drop-dead dressing, maintaining his hair for RM300.00 and guess what, he is a leader of a Multi-Million IPC-Mall of Multi-Level-Marketing.

Currently, hanging on with a MyVi Special Edition which he paid RM20,000 his own down payment (see , he is very rich) money. Hey am boasting too much bout him, he probably already exploded by now (if he read this stupid blog)

Okay.. Now I am, showing off my not so good skill in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

The first image is commonly done by many graphic design artist which are capable of doing in. Matching the orange and green makes a strong impression of Amir-in-cape. With his facial expression it helps to show egoicity(this is not even a word) in the design. His outfit design help as well flashing out the detail intuition of the design which is actually the additional spices to the design.

The idea of this design is by manipulating the concept of music album. Red-color shows the intensity of hate, with Amir’s portrait sitting in the most problematic karma. The line streaks, is just a supplementary to light up the design or rather it will be dull looking.

Brick and wall brick shows, hardly threshold of Amir’s portrait and a little sip of the wordings gives out the design of urban cultured. Minimizing the colour tone, to only black and white, brings out the contrast and strength between the two colours.

Owhh.. By the way, I guess amir is so happy right now, for him to be posted on My blog. I hope so, just let me hope he does not kill me kay. Huhu..


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