Banner Attack

Again and again I will show you the stuff that I have done during my university’s life. As I mentioned on my previous blog, when I do designing especially banner design many from my university will come to me to ask for consultation for banner (big size printing) but never they paid me for the brilliant consultation. Ahax. What do you expect from a student? Right?. But they do pay me for the art work.

The 7 by 10, is the tallest banner that I have ever done. The printing cost is around RM2.50 x 70 = 175 but we managed to bargain it for RM150. This banner is specially made for the cultural event of a cultural group in my university.

Next. is Futsal. Do you love futsal? I do. Impression of red with tailing effects added to the ball to put an image of speed to the ball in order to capture the people’s eyes.

Pasar Malam. This is the fastest large sized banner design that I have ever made. It took me around five minutes to complete it and my client loves it. That should be good right?

Interested in banner design. Give me a call at +6 012 5445 670 , email Haha.


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