Becky : Webby : Flashy

Seven years dealing with graphic design brought me to plenty of different software to try on. And now, those time spent on the software was worth the time wasted. Haha. Am good with Adobe Photoshop, Ms.Front Page, Ms.Excel. Intermediate with Flash MX, Swish and still learning of AutoCad.

These software allow me to build the Becky (Desktop background), Webby (Websites) and Flashy (Flash and Swish object).

And now, would like to share with you guy my ugly schmugly desktop design, which I created long time ago. You should be laughing at it.

Actually, am kinda of shy showing my old Becky, well let us not waste time.

Description : 1024 x 768

The alien image was a totally experimented designed, and now I consider it ugly

My Ideas and Inspiration of beating Disney© , damn I must be dreaming hard making my own house of production

The Grunge + Pink effect, my neighbour’s dog gave me the idea

Seriously , I was bored

Enormous aurora

Done : Do mail me at


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