Being busy

Being busy means that you are doing something that would not allow you to do other things and you are dedicating your time for the only thing. In which that is related to why, I have not updated my blog since two or three days ago. But now, I have the time to release my design again. Please do enjoy.

This time I am sharing with you my wally(desktop wallpaper) again. They are my previous designs.

I am using the Sony Ericsson K800i so I drew a picture of him(it). Added and mixture with green, white and black makes a great colour combination.

An airplane wing, designed and saturated to show soft heat with the word expression of look ahead.

My book of artwork. (Nah, that was just for fun)

Window and it is not running on windows XP or vista just a plain orange window.

Being busy sometimes, allow you to spend the time with the one you love and the people who you love most. I bet you do not get what I mean. Think about it. Haha


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