Child in Me : expose

Okay, first of all. I am not pregnant.

Again , the subject above is just a subject which has no relation with the body that am writing right now. How do I see myself during my kindergarten. I was a not a shy boy, I mixed well with those around me and I find myself a bit blur to understand with the people there. In my eyes I see no difference between me and those so called “Kampung-boys”. They are my friends.

My grandmother’s house gate in black and white

I was not that naughty , but I do enjoy being with them. I remembered a friend of mine, name Mohd Maha Faizal. At first I mistakenly him as a “She” since he had the longest hair in the class. His hair was down to his knees. Believe that.

The juicy orange juice. You want some?

My very old friend, Azad Affif Ishak. This boy, he is very mischief, naughty, super-duper-hyper active that shocked the whole class. I used to not liking him cause of that. But now, he is no longer like that. Don’t worry. Hahaha.

That is me. Simply insane.

There was this boy, Hussin, he was big and very tough and I was kinda scared of this boy because of his big body , he is not fat, but fit. Dare not to bump into him. But at one time, I saw him cried because he was beaten by his father. That was funny though.

I don’t really remember any girls. No special occasion on that, but still I do remember we boys are always anti with girls. Hahaha.. Kids, what are you expecting.

Once upon a time: the colour is saturated to a higher point and additional layer is blurred. Tool : Adobe photoshop

But those days are really wonderful, when you have no responsibilities, no problems, no work and all day play. That is the best thing , being kids. I want to be kid again. Can I , can I?


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