Design : Tiring

Few days ago I was unable to update my blog because of few reasons. I met my friends and helping them out with their creative ideas. It was really tiring, but it was for the team. I am happy that I met them and we actually talked and updated on what’s going and the best thing was meeting them again after for so long.

A picture of an old man

The blue tree

Scandalous photo taken by Mr.Ayob. "Habislah aku...hahaha"

I am happy that we met, and I am happy that my friends are really supporting me for my designing. I would like to thank and would want to let you all know that I appreciate it so much guys. Cheerios.


Shazril said…
Gambar old man tu mantap. Boley masuk national geographic. Nice one. For scenery photos, Try to add something more interesting untuk scenery photos, as sometimes it can be quite bland.

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