Exploring photography

In the real world of photography everything seems to look nice. With good camera, lighting and skill would help to produce good and impressive result. By wondering around our town and places, capturing moments and moments of life is actually exciting. Alluring with colours and strong effects makes photography and interesting thing to do. This is my stupid photos which I caught.

Have the Malaysian , good morning mamak tea.

The big beetle architecture mixed with blue sky

Me driving a Savvy in dark. (It is not easy to take picture in a moving vehicle, without flash and low light condition). Taken by my brother.

The Malaysian good-old-roof. Colour composition of brown + orange and blue sky.


edriaty said…
nice photo.
btw.love ur blog too.
its pink n black.love the combination!
Lily.Lulu. said…
amir . u love photog too is it ??
good for u ..

much much more better coz u pro in ps .. ur design kewl beb !! seriously nice.

keep on snapping bebeh !!

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