Flying Brothers and Sister

Who could have ever thought in the months of Ramadhan you can spot some monkeys jumping on road just to capture split second moment. Shamir, Shafiq and Sarah are the three monkeys that have invaded “Taman Prai Emas” and show off their jumping skills.

The capture those moment the lens equipped on the Nikon D40, is Zoom lens, 70-300mm manual. The shutter speed is set up to 1/360 or 1/500 to allow us to hover on the sky. Impressively I took several best shot of my sister. Haha.

Welcome to the monkeys world
Sarah at her most calm face, showed her skill of jumping at I may actually seem that she was flying high, but that was just a camera shot.
Feel free to fly? She was about to fly, on the next scene after, dogs was chasing her.
This was seriously my best shot, clearly focused on her.
Shafiq the creator of WeCreateLogos showed his skill on the air, though it somehow has explicit content(viewer discretion is advised) . Haha. He will be making into PORN stars website after this shot. Haha
This photo was taken by Shafiq, I look ugly by I managed to FLY. That is more important


Lily.Lulu. said…
dulu i gila amik gambar melompat ..
now ?? emmm .. dah lame pulak x gi melompat tepi pantai

huhuhu ~

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