Friends & Design

I have been always talking about my friends. Haha. Ya, if I don’t have them probably I would not be having plenty of portfolios by now. So with their ideas and task given to me, they inspire me to try something different to see that am I capable of doing it. I did prove it, I can do it.

A banner that you will seriously confused. My friend wanted it to be different, so I made it totally different and the design had no connection to the title. That was insane, but it was eye catchy said him.

The German t-shirt. My friend named Khari Shah also known as Plamz requested a t-shirt design for his German Language competition.

This banner was design for the event of going to Acheh (city that was attacked by tsunami) in Indonesia.

My friend, Hafiz Shari(I think I miss-spelled his name) requested the design for his Malay traditional Martial Art session


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