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Sometimes, I wonder how much time have I wasted on this webby. Putting up my ugly + handsome pictures, editing my profile, customizing my page outlook just for the sake to impress others. Hahaha. But it was worth it, since am actually getting around 300 visit per month , on average on 10 people/day viewing my Friendster. Haha. Is that too much? Am not the best but I love seeing the numbers getting bigger by month.
Last time I was very active until I got some love problem. Ahax. So I was a bit slow then. But now am back on track promoting both my Friendster and my blog, hoping for more people to view my page. This will require certain attention.
See my classic design
My brand name is elaiz previously, but now I shortly re-branded myself as MiR
I look sick. Like a vampire just finishes his chicky meal
Sometime, I am just out of idea and I made those my worst design ever. Trust me, I hate it.
Even worst, I just used my old design and implement it on my Friendster, this is when my idea is totally out. Just for the sake to impress people. Haha.
In short, I do run out of ideas. Inspiration, motivation and ideas would help to solve the problem.


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