Hell No!

Back in university when I was in second year doing my Electrical & Electronics studies, I am with my two crazy roommates. Azim(click here), a big guy thinks he is so good that he is good at everything all time. Haha. He is a nice friend though I have to admit that he goes crazy sometime. Enjoying to bully his roommates is one of his hobbies. The primary victim will be Pak Wan(Redzuan) so am actually the second victim.

Pak Wan(click here). He is one guy that just love to sleep. Though he sleeps most of the time, he is kind of clever because his pointer is better than mine. I bet he is inspired when he is sleeping, probably he studies while he is sleeping. One thing I dislike about Pak Wan, he just love to smoke. Almost every morning I suffered by his attitude of polluting the room. Eeew I just cannot stand the smell of the smoke.

Though we may have different opinion, at times we are seriously crazy. I remembered, we used to play soccer in our room. It was stupid + crazy + insane + mad idea but on top of all it is FUN.

Having these guys around was fine and nice and I do enjoy being with them. So much for the memory, let us see their photos.

Azim in his dressing showing off his creativity of thinking and “Poyo”-ness (Azim was at Starbucks). The back image was cropped and blended with black to emphasize on Azim alone. With chic “Think” word added glassy image.

Pak Wan. The photo is edited to mix and combines with the character of Pak Wan who loves to sleep. The colour is desaturated and the surrounding blurs to give a soft image of dreaming.

Azim and Mira. At kampong. Mira, she is a very quiet girl but loves to show her affection to Azim though Azim is a Mad Person. I used to hang out with them, but I have never verbally spoken to Mira. Man, she is really quiet and Azim is not that quiet, you may think that he is quiet but he is not. Seriously not.

The mirror image of Pak Wan. The idea of the image is actually Pak Wan is facing himself.

Last but not least. I wish the best in their life and keep in touch.


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