Raya + Penang

It seems like almost every Raya Aidil Fitri, my relatives from Kuala Lumpur come down to Penang and spends their time in Penang Island. It is not much of the elders where the sit at Starbucks and Chit – Chatting while the kids wander around finding exciting things to do. That is a serious Raya routine for my family members.

Going to the island is about seeing exciting scenery of Penang which can be captured into moments of photography.

See the moon. Isn’t is nice?

The sun is down. It is not rising okay. Trust me, I took that photo.

I do not know what three is this, but the photograph is nice.

That is all from me. Enjoy ya.


~wan hidayat~ said…
salam syamir....i've linked ur url..even to promote ur coding...check my blog at left side..UMP students very talented!!!
i'm so proud...byk idea to expedite design project wif you...
Alam Setia said…
Hola. Love to see ur graphic pic. Emm...can u design to me..
alan said…
syamir...wahh,nice shoot..
hmm...g menembak sorang2 ke?
ajak arr aku skali..heheh...
pic wedd takde ker?

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