Kuala Pahang : Unleashed

Social activities are part on my interest during my days in university. Gave me chance to get to know more people, learn the new culture of the place, enjoy the local food, mix around with young and fragile school kids, communicate with the kampong people and built my soft skills.
The green colour and the small leafs shows the growing of those kids in Kuala Pahang. Nurtured by our love and we succeeded in proving that they are capable of achieving.
In Kuala Pahang, for 2 consecutive years, I dedicate myself, my heart, soul and strength for the sake of my people, my Malaysian. Giving those kids a chance to feel that they are loved by us. There is a long story bout them, but not likely to narrate it here, maybe I will in my other blog.
From us to them
Let us get to business. During the event I was the manpower on the designing and presentation. My scope is to provide my team, the kids and the kampong people the taste of design which comes from the history of the previous event that was held last year.
Tag for those who accompany us
For your info, those kids in Kuala Pahang, they are not nurtured with love by their parents, since their parents are busy with work (fishermen). So, this particular school, they had never scored more that 23% of passes, but during our first event that was held in the previous year, they had shown significant success. They scored, 55% of passes and 5excellent student. That was marvellous.
Tag for facilitators
So I designed something which has connection with their success.
My front covers design for the event book
The organization chart
I bet they missed us. Hehe. Probably not. Huhu


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