Wally Desktop

Last time, when I was unaware of the existence of the internet, I was very busy doing, creating and experimenting on my desktop wallpaper because I easily get bored with my desktop seeing the same wallpaper. So, I invented and recreated my design so I would satisfy my internal desire.

Wally, here we go.

120 is just a number expressing the division on 360 into three different parts. So this thing actually has some relation with engineering terms, especially electrical subjects (3phase conduction).

Let’s play ball. Those things just love to jump and catch ball. Experimenting with Adobe Photoshop brushes.

This wally took me sometime to arrange all the dirty and small stuff but it was worth the seconds, the minutes and … taken.

Weaving is very popular among Malaysian mat, inspires me to develop my weaving desktop adding up with some webby features.

It is a nice to experiment with software but it takes sometime to master it. Once you are good at it , just do it babe.


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