Me and about me...

My name is Shamir Adnan Shaukat. Born on the year of 1984 and got Stuck with heart problem of Ventricle Septal Defect (VSD) but that does not stop me from being a hyperactive child. On top of that, I was very naughty and irritating.

Being the second in my siblings makes me the middle person with personality that combines both of my brothers, and I show no big contrast of them.
That is me. Looking in my terrible self. Love or hate of me.

Now, am sitting on a chair gracefully putting my words on Ms.Office making sure there’s no typo , writing all about me and my interest of the graphic. This web is dedicated to all of family members, my dad, my mom, my perfectly idea brothers, my young loving and naughty sister.

The light effects of Nikon D40. Stupidly taken by me (accidentally, I forgot about the camera aperture settings)

Frankly typing(speaking), I have my passion on graphic design and photography and I adore them so much, that when I was working as trainee engineer, I was so sad that I regretted doing what I don’t really love to do. But now, this is my opportunity to express out and to share the idea of, my design.

Alas, welcome to my first (actually second, I deleted my old Friendster blog) blog page. Pray that I will maintain this page, as sometime I may get lazy. Thank you and wasalam.


FreeButYet said…
Hi, accident or not, I like it. Could you reproduce the same kind effect if so needed? To me, its beautiful and refreshing.

What do you do currently? Do you have any intentention to go full time into designing works?

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