Mir : How did it all started?

Starting to play around with the computer at the age of 11years of, gave me a good idea of what happened inside the operating system. That is not the point that would related to my 7 years of experience in computer graphic designing.

It all started using the very basic tool of designing that is Microsoft Paint. Something to awe about, with minimal tools and no-mathematical options to generate mad, insane graphic designs. That was it. I started exploring the Microsoft Paint with windows 3.11 (most Malaysian girls would not know what is windows 3.11).

I drew my very first back drop, with the signage of no-smoking. I was very proud, though I am not an artist, I make those graphic look symmetrical and showed it to my dad. I swear, it was ugly, but because from that ugliness I managed to get myself here in this position, knowing a lot about graphic. Owh my gosh, am babbling too much.

Now, would like to share with you guys, my today’s logo design.(I was free today, so I designed these logos).

The bright green and girlish pink, is the combination of happy colours, inserted with a growing grass on top on my nickname MiR which makes my newly logo of mine. Concentrating on the glassy effect to the typeface and adder the word “M” purposedly dropped to the right side as a symbol of creativity. The main idea, is to show the perspective how will people look at my Name.

Heart Hole, symbolized my past of VSD victim.

Rebong is actually a word for growing bamboos. The strong white and purplish background blends smoothly and generates a strong idea of building network slowly but strongly. Visit the webbt at http://www.rebong.com

I am not an expert in designing logos yet, but yeah am trying. But in case you would want to purchase a logo from me or my brother do visit this webby : http://www.wecreatelogos.com .

It was my brother’s damned bloody idea, to come out with this whole plan and he managed it well creating wonderful+fantastic+brilliant logo designs.


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