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Today, in this very day I would like to introduce to you my featured friends as my models. “Model Poyo”

The girl with the attitude and style, Nurulhuda(click here) studying in Japan and will complete her studies two years from now presenting you her , my-edit photos.

As for Amir(click here), I have wrote about him. Refer to my earlier blog entry.

Lazy to vectorized the picture of her. Simply, cut out her outline which leave unwanted jagged trail. Her impression of her dark side with my most like two colour of black and white.

Amir with poise, showing his stubbornness in two colour tone. Again black and white.

Can you find the word “am I kambing?”. Kambing is the malay word for goat. She will be mad if she sees this photo.

Emotions of strong black and green tone.

Photo retouch of Amir. (Please note that the word Amir Studios is done with photoshop) hehe.

Nuren in photographs.

I completed the photo retouch in two hours. It was kinda time consuming, but I actually did not produce the very best result. It is just nice(adequate).


Lily.Lulu. said…
rajin dia touch up .. i like it !! ;)

nice ..
Fara.Da.Sen$ei said…
cane nk edit dat 'Amir Studio' and 'Nuren' tue eyh??
sgtt interested nk menuntut lahh!!
hope bleh beri tunjuk ajar..

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