Mr. Qayyuum

Dealing with the representative of the Mosque during my university’s life was actually a good start since I am to tell you the story about Mr. Qayyuum. Yeah, his name is quite hard to spell, I do agree.

This particular person, sure gave me motivation in designing because he always makes sure that he pays for the design. Unlike many other people who requested for my design, they want it free? After all my hard work??? Damn. Sometime I just ignore this kind of people, taking advantages over friends.

Differently with Mr.Qayyuum, he wants the best of my design so sometime he will pay me a bit more, not much but that is impressively, it was something. So, it is kind of motivation to me. All of my design, he just loves it. And he claimed that I produce good design quality than those in my university. Ahax. Well so nice of him. Haha.

These are the some designs

Colour pink provides the softness and calamity to my eyes and I believe it is welcoming to others as well it is catchy with the strong white text to allow readers to read it.

The orange colour, was purposely done because during designing the banner it was nearing Chinese New Year, therefore to provide a harmonically culture of adding the smiley and the oranges to make it look friendly.

This is not my best design, but I tried making things differently than others. Still it is much better than others. So you can actually imagine how other banners will look like. Hahaha

So Qayyuum. Thank you very much for your cooperativeness and being such a good friend of mine. All the best to you and your future.


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