Out of My Mind

By Nurulhuda
Since the owner of this blog,also a good friend of mine has been nagging me continuously on asking me to write something to be published in here,here I go trying my best to put together the words and composing them into a simple article in this very lucky blog,I must say.

Hello and konnichiwa to all (^_^)v

My name is Nurulhuda,a Malaysian girl currently pursuing her degree at one of those engineering schools in Japan in the biomolecular field.

Apart from that,I have my own passion in music.I enjoy singing and I love everything about guitar.Be it acoustic,classic,electric or simply the sound of the bass,mind you again I just couldn't get enough of it.When I was a little girl I used to have this visual inside my head of me slamming on the super cool electric guitar at my own live concert.

Ok lets just face it that I'm way too far from it,however,strumming those six strings of the acoustic guitar and arranging the sound into a melody brought me such a great feeling of satisfaction.No one has any idea.Well maybe Avril Lavigne does.

Here's my guitar.I call him Eragon.He is so tough and Sexy.

Another one is Electricbabe.She's cute and flirty.Just like me ;)

Besides music,decorating things or gadgets is definitely something that I enjoy doing.Hence my cool guitars.Decorating is like bringing out the best in something.I love making things to look attractive.Like putting on the best outfit or make up perhaps so it'll make you look beautiful and feels great.After all small thing does make a big change.

My own desktop design. A tribute to my trip to Genting Highland


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