Perfect Wedding

The perfect wedding. Kak Zura’s wedding. She is a sister of my friend living in Permatang Janggus in Penang. Today seems to be her lucky day, since she is the queen and met her king of her life. I wish her all the best for her and husband to live happily ever after. It was a simple event but meaningful one.

Colouring the bride and groom with maroon tone and blended with soft red is a nice symphony of colour. Their happy expression is a great value added to the picture.

Lovely, sweetie little Afrina posing for me. She looks cute.

They are cute aren’t they?

Beautifully posed

Holding on each other

At the bride and groom stand

Husband and Wife

A simple candid of them

Enjoy the day, the day both of you met each other. Cherish the moment that you will spend together.


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