T-Shirt : Me

Designing a t-shirt is actually according to the time frame of fame and famous current trend. During that time, grunge designs are kind of popular. So I did do some grunge design on my own, though it is not my idea.

For girls, it is not likely for me to burst out the grunge in them. Added a lil bit of feminine touch with their nature colour of pink putting it into my design. So I came out with simple ideas for the design.

I designed it for a friend of mine studying in some local university in Tanjung Malim,Malaysia.

Let us have a look

If you notice the graphic actually represents the common thing in university, which is the clock , the book and the stencils. Putting into a grunge brush and blurred them so they blend with the background.

This is more rock style than the previous one , only two main tone of black and white , and the major word of “here I am”

The back design is just putting a simple touch of the brand

Simple finishing with the girls design, putting some tree elements

I do not like this design. Though I designed it, probably I was out of inspiration then.


Lily.Lulu. said…
i like the pink karer ;)

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