Doing it : Not Doing it

To some extend, I do not understand what I am doing but what I am doing is what I love doing. Studying in the field of engineering (Electrical and Electronics) does not help anything with what I love to do. But I forced myself to do it and created a whole history of mine, that is, I repeated four times on math related subjects but I managed to get myself finish on time. That was crazy.

To tell you the truth, I almost cried because I was unable to answer my maths 1 final paper and I do believe I will fail. And yeah, it happened. Haha. On the second event, I failed again, but this time I did not fear to fail, and I did not cry. Because I realized that, that was just a small matter, what I had to do was to overcome it and not cry over it.

Since that realization, I became much more realistic. I am not a goal orientated person, but I am an effort oriented person. Do not get me wrong, it is not that I do not want to achieve, but what matters to me is how I achieve it.

And this was what I have been doing. Haha. Enjoy

The colour of orange gives the meaning of mature and alive ness to the design which to show the spirit and strength to do it. The back layer of the design actually to emphasize what is in front. Red and orange are the combination of choramatic red-yellow colour.

The traditional practice, would want to put a normal wood coloured background with white text for audience to read it easily. (This design was done for : Siti Hajjar Noordin for her project)


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