University's People Manipulated Me

Looking at those days, during my life in university, I was a very active person that sometime I forgot bout my main priority to study. Cut it short, I was manipulated by those people in University to create something astonishing for University’s event but ended up in the drain because of internal political issue (damn, I hate it). But well, it is not a bad thing after all, since it built up my own portfolio. Lemme share with you.
My Designs

Originally, the orange is to show the young spirit of teenagers with the “GO” anthem, to show to the outsiders that we are moving fast as the “Mahasiswa” and :Mahasiswi”. But all of the effort of designing was not published ormassively printed because of internal issue.

Blue variant : Just for the sake of university’s logo

Turquoise variant : Just to impress those so called “advisor” who has no knowledge on designing

Those banner, their main size are 20feet x 4feet. Huge??, nah there was bigger size than this. So, during my university’s time, I used to charge those who wanted me to design the banner for only RM10.00 / design. Damn cheap. Because of that, I have built up a good portfolio, but now I am no longer active like I used to be. Hopefully I will get my bounce back.

My design for student TAGS

For the tags, the concept is basically very common. Science and Innovation. The tag colours originally represent the theme colour of the university’s logo. From there, the idea bloomed and walla, they are created.

So much for that, but I thanked those people who manipulated me and gave me the chance to earn good respect as a graphic designer. Should I put myself as the best graphic designer during that time(in University Malaysia Pahang)? Haha. It seems true


-langkahbaru- said…
yup bro...aku pun ingat lagi masa expoconvo tu. design sume ump je yg konon adalah bagus mau tunjuk pandai.

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