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Wedding invitation. To design a wedding invitation card is not simple. Because many cards out there they are much into card or paper design rather than graphical illustration. So it was a challenge for me to design something which suites the requirement of my client.

This yellow design was the chosen one. He explained that he wants a soft colour tone.

Akad Nikah Marriage is the procedure for a man and a woman to tie a knot for Muslim. The process is normally done by a kadhi, a religious official of the Syariat (Shariat) Court. During previous time akad nikah ceremony is just in effect a verbal contract between the bride's father or his representative (in this case the kadhi) and the groom.

A classic Brown Design

I requested my friend to write an article on Malay wedding, but ended up, she told me to search in Google. Never mind. I will still give her credits for her effort. Her name is Fatihah Azmi. Visit her at her friendster(Click Here)

Too much. Not recommended.

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