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To be talented in designing you need to have motivation. I believe not only designing everything requires motivation and a little bit of stress. As for myself, I am motivated by love, food, money and self-interest without these, it would likely not pushing me to do it. Hahaha.

Cracking your head to be different or to generate some beautiful ideas, that is where inspiration comes handy. Looking at things differently will help you in describing your own terms of perfect logo as the famous line said “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

From the head of www.wecreatelogos.com, who is my younger brother , I bring you his masterpieces of his designs. Contemporary ideas mixed and blended icy cool concept, with a little extra sweet flavour of bold typeface.

I hereby declare that I posted his designs with his permission or he will sue me for illegally posting his idea. “Berani hang saman aku, aku pecat hang dari wecreatelogos walaupun bukan aku mia idea.. hahaha”

Let us view his crappy inventions

This is his earlier design, as you could see the logo it is actually designed for spa webby, seriously it has nothing to do with porn. I swear.

Idea came from his own idea of creating a (classified), please refer to him at shafiq.rizwan@gmail.com (I am not allowed to publish)

Then came his masterpiece of masterpieces, I call it the box of many light bulbs, though it deceived you guys that the bulb actually lit up without any source of power. One flaw in the physic world. (it could probably come from the box, I wonder)

Quest : Find the letter “S”, I was unable to find the letter till now, it amazed me.

You should be wondering what is that, TaDa is sounds like a Malay word , “Tak da” which brings the meaning of “None”.

And this last masterpiece is my own idea. A romantic alpha alien couple kissing, on the right side is the guy and on the left side is the girl. Sexy uh?

So if you wish for us to design a logo for you, then PAY US! We will do the dirty job. Tata.


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