Blog on Leave

It is not easy to maintain a blog, if you are a serious blogger. Commitment is really required. Concept and ideas to get people to read or look at your blog is not easy. Trust me.. it takes a lot of time, passion and patient. So my lovely blog readers, I won’t be updating my blog. Tomorrow, 4 November 2007 and 5 November. Do keep looking at my blog for updates. Hope you like it.. and please do vote. Take care my lovely blogs reader.

Permission to leave from Dr.Design

My sailing Medical Certificate design


Am doing Wedding Photography or any occasions and events. Interested do contact me via e-mail , via phone 012 5445 670. I will quote for you for the price.


Apple said…
Nice concept for the design.
Lucca D Jiwa said…
btul ckp apple... cool design laa...
Emoporer said…
So true, it takes me forever just to post up ONE entry. Then there's the comments i need to reply to and the blogs i feel obliged to visit in return.

Lots of commitment, lots of patience but sometimes the passion doesn't feel like it's there. Well, hope your blog get wells soon? XD


p.s. Could i use those medical certificates as well? Hehe..

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