More Weddings : Nikah

I do not really know what to scribble write now.. haha.. hold on .. hold on.. got idea.. I asked my brother(click here) to write for me.. hahha

(Part 2)

It can be the safest and rewarding thing in life if two souls commit to guide each other on the right

path, dear to the Almighty.

Take care of marriage well, and it completes you as a human being.

Many happy returns of the day to those who have tied the knot, committed the trust.

May this marriage bring both of you to a greater height!

By Shazril Imran(click here)

The Groom is signing the “Akad Nikah” form

Bride… waiting

Bride sits, groom walking (blur)

Groom , Bride ( “That’s a lot”)

Groom kissing Bride on the fore head..


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