Stupid TMNET

Surprisingly I was unable to update my portfolio yesterday, thanks to the stupid service of Malaysian internet provider, the TMNET Streamyx. But thanks also to them out of my frustration I came out with my own idea giving the good impression of Malaysian broadband service.. The stupid Streamyx logo. Downtime of the streamyx from 4pm 6th Nov - Now 7th Nov, at still not okay!!! FYI. I am at starbucks right now.

The first one is by manipulating the letters that the Streamyx using. It is called screaming Streamyx. Users like me, experiencing shi* service by Streamyx constantly scream for the internet to be online and be there.
St(oo)pid. Imagine the nose of the pig. And that should be it. St(oo)pid, streamyx.
The ads of TMNET ( The Malaysia Network). We-are-good-at-promoting-and-provide-no-good-service.
Streamyx SUX. Version 1.0
Streamyx SUX Version 2.0


artdian said…
that stoopid streamix, the "OO"looks like boops to me. hahahaha
it is fine if you allow anonymous comment since u need ugly comments from any people.. ;)

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