Weds : Kahwin : Marriage

Hi again friend.. Welcome to my page, full of nothing-much-i-can-say just picture that you-don’t-really-want-to-see and scribble-you-don’t-bother-reading. Let’s hear it (read it) from my brother’s(click here) writing.

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Marriage. A lifetime boon. A trust. Something that completes a person,

as he or she has got their better half.

It can be the most beautiful thing in life if two souls merge to care for each other.

It can be the most inspiring thing in life merge to improve

each other.

It can be the strongest bond in life if two souls trust each other.

By Shazril Imran

Bride is in the car

Bride sitting while groom standing

What a nice vie.. awe

Black and white.. Bride and Groom


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