Factors of photography

To come out with good photography there are few things that you must know. Element of lightings, composition of the photo, properties of scenery are the few things that you can manipulate.

At the Malaysian Beach

Element of lightings : Every factor counts. How do you snap a portrait photo of a model (with or without flash)? The few answers would be, how far you should stand from the model so that enough lighting is focused on the model. Know what kind of flash that is suitable for the condition. Soft fill, highlight, strong fill. The lighting exposure must be balance and moderate, so that the photo would not come out over-exposed or underexposed.

Azim holding the camera

Photo composition : composition means, what are you to focus? How do you want to put your element into the image. Centre? Left? Right? Sky? You decide. To focus on only on a specific object or person is what I call elemental photos.

Girl looking at Azim

Properties of scenery. Events and scenario of parties, nature, and cities requires different kind of focus. Taking photo of an animal, a closed-up is a very good thing to do as many photographers hook their ultimate zoom lens and shoot at their very best to only focus at the animal. Cities and town a good wide angle lens should do the trick.

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The not so nice sun set

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