Ahhhh Food

Luv to eat

Having those stories and e-mails of saying that you will get worms and bacteria in your brain because of sushi it is kind a freaking me. I do not know how true is that, but words do spread like viruses.

I dunno what is that

But well, I embraced myself as my friend took me to the one of the sushi outlet (Sushi Kin’ == free promotion). There was I sitting down, not knowing one single dish to order and the drinks are quite expensive, I should be able to enjoy McD (free promotion) Meals better with that price. But, for the sake of experiencing new food, it took the challenge to actually eat sushi.

Tuna Mayo Maki, my friend ordered for me, and the food was served with a coloured platted dish (baby blue dish). I was told that I should take it with the soy sauce, so I did. Hmm.. After tasting it, well it was not that bad. But I only had 1 piece of the Tuna Mayo Maki, and that’s it. Haha.. The end of the food blog.

Kissing Sauces


Izzat said…
Awww it was my cousins first sushi.. so sweet.. i'll take you to more sushi after this. :)

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