Big Leg, Small Leg

“If I were to fail, I will fail successfully”, that is my word to myself. Many has come to me and discomfort me with “no, you can’t do this” “no, you can’t do that”.. “You will fail and will have no future”… Why instead of this phrases, why not they say “Try, if you fail you will learn”, “Yeah, experience is the key and knowledge is the guidance”.

The feeling of insecurity is the main factor that could lead to my disastrous life, what can I do about it? Am not supposed to be afraid of it, because it is a challenge for me to see how far I can go.

Support is what I need and not those discourage thoughts and feeling. But if I fail, I will fail successfully because I am a failure if I never try.

Shamir Adnan

19 Feb 2008


Izzat said…
we do not originate from failures,, so why start now?? we WILL make our life better by being ourself, which is being not afraid to try and succeed!! failure is always an option ;p
Shazril said…
dont bother when others try to demotivate if u know what u r going to achieve.

well.. failure is an option, but is not a preferred option. reduce the chances of failure by planning and thinking meticulously before you initiate anything.

good planning and preparation, thinking of worse case scenario, and following your plan properly will not guarantee failur, but will guarantee success, god willing.

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