Paithiyakaaran : A Story of a Madman

Paithiyakaaran Poster

Fun and it is not funny, my statement which is not related to the movie at all since I do not know the whole thingy about the movie.

An amateur but well talented, creative and daring director Suresh Ramskay spent his time to produce this movie, Paithiyakaaran. What I know it is kinda like a documentary video, first person view of an insane guy.

I helped him on the movie poster. Two process involved when doing this poster, firstly is the photography session, which was held somewhere near Sek. Men. Keb. Bukit Mertajam, behind the getting busy commercial area near Kampung Baru area.

Secondly is the post-editing, adding text. And above is the result.

For more information of this movie, you can check out at Continue to support the local movies, if not there won’t be one to support (pick-up line of

Few words for my friend, Suresh, “don’t give up. Do your best man!”


Suresh Ramskay said…
How can I give up when I have friends like you?

Do or Die!

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