Book Cover Design :

This book was designed for a client of mine who is a Super Teacher. Living in Terengganu, I met him through my friend Amir. Amir’s father of course, with the name of Hamzah Othman, proudly I present the cover book which took me 3 days to design, since I was kinda busy. But well, he approved the design, though I myself was not quite satisfied with my work. I will do better next time.

Briefly, Mr.Hamzah Othman is graded Super Teacher or “Guru Super” in Bahasa Melayu, because he was acknowledged for the idea that he created to make science studies easy to understand for students. With his method of what I can see from the drama series of Prison Break, where a character by the name of Michael Scolfield escapes Fox River prison with the guides of tattoo on his body. The similar technique is applied by Mr. Hamzah, to make learning more fun and easier to manipulate.




ronit said…

This message is for you if you are a Book Cover Designer. I am about to start a blog site where you can submit your designs. other designers will see your work and review it on site. This will give you an opportunity to explore new ideas in designing.

To submit your cover design, please email it at in .Jpg format. I will let you know the blog site address as soon as it start functioning. You will also get email if your design get approved to be displayed on site.

Thank you.

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