Friends and Friends : Lights

Yeah.. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are big ,some are small, some are bad, and there are nice ones. Well, experiencing them in my life, is a never ending story. To see, they come and go, it brings wonderful story to one day tell my kids, “I used to have a friend that….” It is just amazing to see it goes and comes around.

Street Light. Woo hoo.

Arguing. Well, that is normal, it is how you argue with your friends that matters. If you have something that you don’t like, VOICE UP BUDDY, not keep in you that you hate him or her so much.

The moon and the Lamp Post

Mistakes. Always, it happens. Yeah, we are human we can never be the perfect ones. Believe me, I tried to be the perfect ones, but there was always problem with me. So I am not perfect. But do understand, that it is about “give and take”, “forgive and forgets”, it matters most.
Timing Photography. Light Streaks

Enjoying. Intriguing, exciting to have your friends around to help you when you are down, to carry you when you fall, to cheer you when there is no one around. Friends oh friends, fun to be with and very pleasurable. Trust me, I tried it many times. Haha.
The Ship Light. Penang Restaurant



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