Panning photography : “Not Frying Pan”

Trust me, follow this steps you will get good shot of panning photos.. So, what do you need?? (But you will need extra miles to get GREAT panning shot)

A good camera (DSLR especially).

  1. Know your settings
    1. F.stop under bright light : F11-F16
    2. Shutter Speed : 20-60
  2. Good tripod or a steady hand
  3. Find Road side(car or motorcycle), F1 race, Horse race or any moving object

Now, how do you capture a panning shot

  1. Set your camera settings at around this settings F.Stop (F11-F16), Shutter Speed of (20-60)
  2. Target your moving object through autofocus of if you like, manual focus of course.
  3. Seek, the object. Press half-way, when targeting.
  4. When, the object is on the centre of your focus snap, and twist your body on one axis.
  5. Good Luck!

Malaysian Viva (Car)

The Yellow Proton Wira Aeroback

They looked at me, awed!


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