Penang: Like I have never seen Before

Uniquely. Masjid Kapitan Keling.

It was a great journey to tour around with my new found friend, who was touring me, to the deepest heart of Penang, seing the soft and hard parts of the small road against each street lights of the Pearl of Island. The journey of the day, brought me in capturing, and shooting the beauty of Penang.

Green Building. I do not know what building is that.

Walking around, for 8 hours was a great deal, since I came to find many important facts, which I have taken for granted after staying in Penang for over 20 years old.

A Chinese Resident.

The food, the people and the building were part of objects that amazed me. Nasi Briyani, Ice Kacang and Roti Channai(“Flying Pancake”), was just superb and nicely melting my heart and stomach. The crunchiness of the briyani’s chicken , the Jalan Agir roti Channai brought me to a new experience. “You should try it”, that’s the word.

A house and a trishaw

I would want to go around again, to seek more adventure, to see more people and to do crazy stuff where people would want to run away from me. It is just interesting.

The ol’ KOMTAR


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