There goes the Monkey

I believe in this world, and I do believe that everyone of us is “Unique”. To see, that I am not a good pianist, knowing that I cannot swim and I am unable to climb trees makes me, ME. I can never be you, because I have no experience of your background, I cannot imagine how do you look at things, and I had not know of your history except for all the things that I know about you is only at the surface.

An old Singer

That is so true. I am amaze with the world that we shape and bring life to see different people with different action. Speaking about talent, look around us. There are doctors, there are engineers, lawyers, musicians, teacher which I believe that not everyone of us can be like anyone of us. But, around that everyone, there is someone who is talented.

A boy. Full of wonder

There are people who craved for food and I have seen many coffee addict, what’s more with the drug addicts. Passion with music, arts, details, data, information and it could be in all sorts of form, which makes every of us “Unique”

“You can talk like me, you can act like me, you can walk like me, but you can never be ME”


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