Bukit Merah : “Family Photo”

It was a very stunning day, at 12 o’clock we arrived Bukit Merah Laketown. 2 cars, fit in 9 person, that includes my grandparents. After lunch, we got all our clothes changed into more ready-to-jump-into-the-water dress.

Duck Sight

Enjoying our 4 hours there, taking all the water adventure to the test, name it the boomerang slide, swirling slides, dropping with exhilarating plus adrenaline rush full of excitement. The experience was priceless.

Prayers of the Rain

At, five o’clock we got all ourselves prepared to go home after one great hell of a day. Ahhh.. I love it.

The Family (Kids..haha)


ZaKrYeE said…
nice photo shoot....like it..

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