I don’t really know much about what is going on during a wedding ceremony. Everything is done by the host of managed by a wedding planner. How big is your crowd is actually depends on how famous you are, if you have more friends then you will have to give more wedding invitation to them.


A great challenge for me as well, when I was to design this brochure “Pakej Perkahwinan”. The main challenge was the unique information which I need to squeeze in to be in one page.. But I did it well.


For those who are staying in K.L do check it out their services at my client’s wensite.

Who knows, probably you are getting married soon. Owhh yeah, if you would want to have a wedding photographer.. Do get to me. Huhu.. Those from the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia can contact me for great wedding photo package. Smile… “Click”


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