Money. What the heck??? : “Friendster Background”

What is actually money?

Money is actually a way of transaction for us to get the things that we need or things that we like such as food, clothes, jewellery, sports car and others and since we are actually living in the modern and urban society where everything needs money.

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Can we actually live without money?

Yes we can.. Hey come on, look at the real thing. What we need are actually, a cave, stones, and a few tarzan-clothes-like. That’s real. Start hunting tomorrow.. Haha..

Does money grows from trees?

Yes they do. Most cash money are made from papers, and paper comes from trees. So see the logic? Hahaha.. Go pluck your leafs..

Can money buy everything?

Yes… even love… If you don’t have money don’t dream of getting love or inlove.. You will ruin you entire life.. haha..

As a conclusion, start searching for money.


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