Stuck Outside : (asrama perkasa)

I am writing this blog when I am stuck outside of my house. I actually left my car keys with my mom for car service, I forgot to take the house keys, and now it’s 10 p.m. What’s now is my friend “Akong=Apek” is also not at home which in conclusion that luckily I have my laptop with me.

AP. Asrama Perkasa

Mosquitoes sucking my blood happily, if only I have the Ridsect with me.. My gosh..

How unlucky I am now. To makes things worst, my phone’s battery is out. Hoping right now that everything will be fine later..

Simple boxes to represent building gosh, am working tomorrow… What a day.. I can live with that I hope.. (Owhhh god am such a loser)..

Rotating Swirls


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