A life time experience : “Giving Talk”

Receiving some Goodie Bag from the Director of the Program (Mr. Amar)

It was a great opportunity for me, to build up my reputation, when I was invited as a speaker at my University (Universiti Malaysia Pahang).

Giving knowledge to around 60 people was a great experience, when each of them carries their own attitude.. They are sleepers, listeners and pretenders. Some how, I believe I can improve later. My target audience was actually the domestic department of Multimedia and Publicity, since they are going to be the mover for promotion of the EXPOCONVO ’08 of UMP.

Any of you visited my blog do leave a message of feedback, how can I improve my speech.. I hope you all will enjoy more of my speeches in the coming future. Good luck to you guys.. Make sure you make the great EVENT BIG!




Shazril said…
mantap... maju lagi!!
hi sy laila, sekretariat bhgn acara&pertandingan eXpoconvo'08 UMP.
i njoyed ur speech.
byk gak info2 yg best n mnmbahkan lg pengetahuan sy.
actually im really interested in design but im not really creative as u r.
n i thought dat ur from fskkp not fkee based on ur talent n experience.
i wish dat i can b like u.
till then~
eh lupa lak.
u hav lots of experience.
but u can improv in giving speech.
u shud learn how to attract audien nye attention.
yea there shud b 2ways communication but skill tnya2 audien is not really efective.
erm sory k.
sekadar pendapat~
Shamir said…
Thanks for your thought Laila,

Well it was not an easy task handling you guys.. I will improve more on my speech..

I dun mind about tanya2.. becoz it is also actually a sense of feedback how much u guys really know.. Insya allah, i will be more detail next time..

Best of luck.. For your expoconvo. Sadly u r in the sekretariat acara & pertandingan.. Huhu.. But probably u cud help those guys with the publicity and multimedia.

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