Texture and Fun : “Millions of Photography”

A black metal colour of the Savvy is the strength that shows its VROOM and power and that is the thing that brings me around. Thought it is not as powerful as many European and Japanese cars, but it is adequate to get me THERE. “Proton Savvy”.. Oops free promo.

Putting the black and white shoes on a brown chair give the mood of the three basic colours of the earth tone, wondrous of the colour is the beauty that has been manipulated by many for many many times.

Kettle expression of shows the Malaysian culture of making tea in the evening at a sorrow and sadness mood.

Next is the Bulu Ayam that is the Malaysian well known cane for KIDS… In English direct translation, it is known as the ‘Rooster’s Feather’. The beauty of its texture is actually priceless and it is worth getting cane once in a while. Huhu..


lehrerin said…
u make a simple n dusty 'bulu ayam' looks stunning!

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