Tremendous Wedding : “Azad Affif” . Part 1

It was a shocking thing when Azad came to my place and said he is getting married. Azad is a good friend of mine since we were kindergarten, I remember him as a very mischief kid. But that when he was a kid and now he is no longer a kid he is now a big grown man. He and his wife Wani had their reception on 17 and 18 May of 2008 and it was a nice reception. So here are their beautiful wedding photos.

So this is the Groom

And here is the Bride

Owhh my gosh.. The family.. Huhu

The Bride & Groom performing on the stage

Getting ready for…

White light with the white WEDDERS.. cool

The Bride and Goom

More of them.. hehhe

p/s : My friend Azad has warned me not to put too much of their exotic pictures. RATED!!! Hahaha.. more coming..


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