Tremendous Wedding : “Azad Affif” . Part 2

So Azad now is a Husband to a Wife, a Father to his coming children. Ahax.. May he have a wonderful life, bet he will be busy with many commitments after this.. That is a fact and a fact that is going to be a fact. Huhu.

So next is the outdoor session, where the surrounding is much more romantic. This event took place the Kuala Kangsar, Perak the Bandar diRaja.

Eh.. cak.. hehhee

Relaxing after a long tiring walk around the Kuala Kangsar

Standing tall, look calm.. That’s my buddy.. haha

My personal touch. PURE PHOTOGRAPHY. Silhouette. Also my personal fav.

Reaching the GATES

At the Muzium of Kuala Kangsar, it was very beautiful

Here they are, isn’t it romantic?

Holding hand tightly.. Shucks..! Hehehe

It was a great wedding photography experience for them, since while they were being captured in the camera, they are actually being seen by many eyes… The eyes of the KUALA KANGSAR. They were the King and The Queen of the day.. Hey when is my TURN??? hahhaha


maisarah said…
really sweet couple..
pray for your happiness..

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