Tremendous Wedding : “Azad Affif” . Part 3

Well after one great day. The other comes. This event took place at Mengkuang Dam, located in Penang. Hey do come here.. Ahax..

The Hibiscus of Love

Holding hand tightly, not to FALL.


Macam bollywood pulak.. aisey.. CUTE

Hmm nice pose

Worrying bout how many KIDS are they having..hahaha

Main baling-baling pulak.. isk-isk-isk

Now wondering what car are they getting MPV or SUV?

After tired of thinking, they are still thinking of their soon to come HONEYMOON!

So that is from them.. Hope you guys like it.. If you want to have a nice photo package come to me.. I will quote for you.. Contact me at… or my handphone, 012 5445 670.. Thank you..


Tokyo BLUE said…
tak panas ke pengantin baru nie berposing... ehehhehehe

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