Elemental Photography : “Where I live in the Penang Islang”

Seriously, I missed my photo life. Ever since I am hooked up with my work, I find that I do not have the time to fill up my own wishes, that is to take millions of photos. But I took a sip of my time at 6.00 pm, embraced myself with NiKON D40x (oopps.. free promotion) with nikkor 50mm prime lens and ready to shoot some pictures.. And here are the victims.

Hahha.. my pair of sandals that I have not changed for more than 6 months

The Ultima Killing Maching : “Grass Cutter”

A cat wishing to buy a house.. huhu Pity him..

Last but not least the hello kitty that loves to hang out…

I love the colour contrast of the Nikkor 50mm prime lens and the big aperture allows me to use higher shutter speed without compensating the light entering my CCD. Shucckss.. huhu

Signing off mir..


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